14 April 2015

Call for papers: "Intangible Asset Management in Inter-Organisational Innovation Processes"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development.

Due to gradual changes in social, economic, and technological characteristics of institutions and markets, fostered by globalisation and new technologies, innovation processes are more and more open. Among large incumbent firms, the external sourcing of knowledge and the external exploitation of technology are by now widespread practice. Intangible assets (IAs) are both the content and the context of these interactions. Intangible assets are the exchanged goods (content). At the same time exchanges among organisations are sustained by intangible resources like trust, shared knowledge and shared culture (context). Managing these types of open innovation processes poses new and unique challenges to managers and entrepreneurs.
The issue of inter-organisational innovation processes has been explored in many studies concerning business models, organisation design and strategic management, leadership and culture, tools and technology, intellectual property, and industrial dynamics. Research has mainly focused on the capability of companies of integrating and reconfiguring external and internal knowledge to create value, by means of proper knowledge management strategies and processes. Moreover, the importance of IAs has been widely acknowledged by scholars and corporations as one of the fundamental contributions to the innovation process and has been recognised as one of the most relevant drivers of innovation.
Understanding the interplay between the external network of relationships and the internal resources is essential for devising successful innovation strategies. This phenomenon has often been studied from the point of view of large companies. Less well understood is the point of view of SMEs, in particular when at the start-up stage.
The aim of this special issue is to collect contributions about the management, the implementation and the assessment of IAs in the context of inter-organisational innovation in order to create value for the participating organisations.
Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Innovation in complex networked organisations
  • Innovation clusters
  • Innovation ecosystems
  • Open business models
  • Innovation in networks of SMEs
  • Case studies of extended innovative contexts
  • The role of IAs in innovation networks
  • Technology transfer
  • Intellectual property management in innovation networks
  • Knowledge dynamics in the implementation of innovation clusters and ecosystems
  • Knowledge strategy in inter-organisational innovation contexts
  • Knowledge management processes in open innovation contexts
  • The analysis of the value creation process in innovation networks
  • The assessment of innovation in complex networked organisations

Important Dates
Submission of manuscripts: 31 October, 2015
Notification to authors: 31 December, 2015
Final versions due: 28 February, 2016

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