3 January 2012

Special issue: Water wars in 21st century along international rivers basins: speculation or reality?

International Journal of Sustainable Society 4(1/2) 2012
  • Navigating cooperation beyond the absence of conflict: mapping determinants for the effectiveness of river basin organisations
  • Rising to the challenge of water security: international (water) law in need of refinement
  • Hydropolitics is what societies make of it (or why we need a constructivist approach to the geopolitics of water)
  • Global climate change and challenges for international river agreements
  • The Jordan River basin: at the crossroads between conflict and cooperation
  • Water sector in Central Asia: slow transformation and potential for cooperation
  • From monocentric ideal to polycentric pragmatism in the Syr Darya: searching for second best approaches
  • Hydropower ambitions of South Asian nations and China: Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers basins
  • Ganges basin: an example of social conflicts regarding water resources especially in developing countries
  • Three lenses on water war, peace and hegemonic struggle on the Nile
Additional Paper
  • A DEA model for efficiency evaluation with undesirable output: an application of paper mills along Huai River

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