8 January 2012

Special issue: Research and advances in vehicle body engineering

International Journal of Vehicle Design 57(2/3) 2011
  • A new approach to improve the vehicle ride comfort by electroencephalogram data
  • Lightweight design of vehicle front-end structure: contributions of multiple surrogates
  • Optimisation-based approach for determining driver seat adjustment range for vehicles
  • Development of a ride comfort evaluation method with a laboratory testing system
  • Multi-disciplinary optimisation for front auto body based on multiple optimisation methods
  • Three-phase optimisation design of an electric car body at conceptual design stage
  • Structure and transformation of the Italian car styling supply chain
  • Automotive body inspection uncertainty associated with computational processes
  • Rapid structural property evaluation system for car body advanced design
  • Development and validation of a finite element model of a dummy for design of pedestrian-friendly vehicles
  • The influence of wheel-housing shape on vehicle aerodynamic performance
  • Optimal mounting design for cab vibration isolation

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