1 January 2012

Special issue: Business excellence through sustained competitive advantage in a global market

International Journal of Business Excellence 5(1/2) 2012
  • Private-public partnerships: corporate responsibility strategy in food retail
  • Manufacturing platform of strategic innovation in global semiconductor industry
  • Essentials of D-phase to secure the competitive advantage through Six Sigma
  • The relationship between web quality and user satisfaction: the moderating effects of security and content
  • Determinants of banks' total factor productivity: the post-Asian financial crisis experience of the Philippines
  • Implications of an internet startup entering in a market with low level of technological adoption: case study
  • Corporate social responsibility: are firms in Nigeria actually giving back or giving away?
  • Organic growth a taxonomic perspective
Additional papers
  • A simulation-based study for managing hospital emergency department's capacity in extreme events
  • Financial controls and firms' performance in the manufacturing sector in Nigeria

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