16 January 2012

Special issue: Innovation for development: frontiers of research, policy and practice

International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development 5(1/2) 2012

Papers from an academic symposium organised by the Wits University in South Africa on 24-26 February 2010: Innovation for development: frontiers of research, policy and practice.
  • The introduction of the systems of innovation approach in economics curricula
  • Innovations for the poor by the poor
  • Measuring innovation in developing countries: some suggestions to achieve more accurate and useful indicators
  • South Africa's national system of innovation and knowledge economy evolution: thinking about 'less favoured regions'
  • Institutional capacity and policy for latecomer technology development
  • Intermediary organisations to foster the agricultural system of innovation: the Mexican Produce Foundation
  • JInnovation policies institutions and performance: why Malaysia overtook Nigeria in the oil palm industry
  • Nuclear energy technology adoption by intensive energy industrial users in South Africa
  • Bridging the digital divide: the Indian experience in increasing the access to telecommunications services
  • Channels of interaction in health biotechnology networks in South Africa: who benefits and how?

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