19 January 2012

Call for Papers: As ASEAN nears 50, what have we learned?

A special issue of International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets

Since ASEAN’s formation in August 1967, ASEAN nations have committed to free trade, resulting in collective regional economic growth. This economic integration and its continuance is vital for enhancing competitiveness, reduction of poverty, job creation, attracting international investment, and sustainable business growth. ASEAN nations have broadened their cooperation beyond economic ties to include political ties and regional security agreements.

ASEAN trade volumes are running at more than US $1.5 trillion per annum. The main trading partners in 2009 were China (US $178 billion), the EU (US $172 billion), Japan (US $162 billion), and the USA (US $150 billion). The figure for China is higher if trade with Hong Kong (US $68 billion) is taken into account. Substantial opportunities continue to emerge for multinational corporations and overseas investors (ASEAN, 2011).

Against this backdrop, scholarly research in highlighting ASEAN’s achievements in the years since its inception is being sought. To understand general business practices in the ASEAN region, this special issue aims to present research on a broad range of topics from an emerging markets viewpoint. Manuscripts may be conceptual or empirical. All manuscripts should work to make a substantive contribution to emerging markets literature.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Nation(al) branding strategies
  • National trade agreements and their impact on business
  • Regional business networks
  • Business sustainability strategies
  • Effects of social media marketing on business strategies
  • Emerging practices in human resource management
  • Value creation strategies in consumer or industrial markets
  • "Green" business strategies
  • Transactional governance structures
  • Anti-corruption business practices and law enforcement strategies
  • China-ASEAN economic relations
  • Regional integrated marketing communications strategies
Important Dates
Submission of abstracts: 17 March, 2012
Submission of manuscripts: 3 September, 2012
Notification of authors: 4 January, 2013
Submission of final versions: 15 March, 2013

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