23 January 2012

Special issue: Carbon markets: an international perspective

International Journal of Global Energy Issues 35(2-4) 2011

Econometric Analyses of Carbon Markets
  • Links between spot and futures allowances: ECX and EEX markets comparison
  • How does carbon price change? Evidences from EU ETSEstimating the 'value at risk' of EUA futures prices based on the extreme value theory
  • CO2 prices and portfolio management
  • CO2 abatement opportunity in the UK through fuel-switching under the EU ETS (2005-2008): evidence from the E-Simulate model
Climate Policy Issues
  • A comparative analysis of city-based emission trading schemes: key design and management factors for environmental cost effectiveness
  • Nudging effective climate policy design
  • Explaining the construction of global carbon markets: REDD+ as a test case?
Additional Papers
  • Efficient market hypothesis in the international oil price fluctuation: based on the MF-DFA model
  • A review of the three most popular maintenance systems: how well is the energy sector represented?

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