23 January 2012

Special issue: Structural vibration and control

International Journal of Structural Engineering 3(1/2) 2012
  • Development of post-tensioned self-centring structures for earthquake resistance
  • First-order elastic-plastic analysis of multi-story building frames by numerical modelling
  • Seismic vulnerability assessment through explicit consideration of uncertainties in structural capacities and structural demands
  • Three-dimensional seismic tomography with tetrahedra element on isoparametric mapping
  • Some special phenomena and preliminary interpretations about measured strain signals from high-speed impact tests
  • Field measurements and assessment of vibration serviceability of as-built long-span concrete floor
  • Active control of building structure using lattice probabilistic neural network based on learning algorithm
  • Control of seismically excited benchmark highway bridge with variable frequency pendulum isolator
  • Order-independent optimal polynomial control of stochastic dynamical systems

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