12 January 2008

Special issue: New developments in dental nanomaterials, implants and devices

International Journal of Nano and Biomaterials 1(2) 2007
  • Modelling on the mechanical properties of nanocomposite hydroxyapatite/PMMA/carbon nanotube coatings
  • Effect of nanofillers in adhesive and aesthetic properties of dental resin-composites
  • Nanoindentation of orthodontic archwires: variation of elastic modulus and hardness within a stainless steel wire
  • Incorporation of montmorillonite nanoclay to acrylic bone cement: effect on mechanical properties and morphology
  • Properties of CNT reinforced: PMMA nanocomposites and PMMA treated in NH3-gaseous atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge
  • Dental drilling in severe and demanding environments
  • Diamond coated molybdenum dental tools for machining orthodontic bridgework materials

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garydrew01 said...

New developments in the world of dentistry nowadays are very nice. A specialist dentist must have worked hard on it.