27 January 2008

Special issue: Nanofabrication of biomaterials, components and devices

International Journal of Nano and Biomaterials 1(3) 2008
  • The development of nanoparticulate materials for biodegradable bone fracture plates: (I)
  • Polypyrrole incorporating biomolecules
  • The influence of coating technology on the mechanical performance of montmorillonite nanoclay reinforced acrylic bone cement
  • Induction of adipose tissue regeneration by chemically-modified hyaluronic acid
  • Electrospun nanofibres of polycaprolactone, and their use for tendon regeneration
  • Effect of nanoscale topography on fibronectin adsorption to sputter deposited calcium phosphate thin films
  • Nano-scale manipulation of silicate-substituted apatite chemistry impacts surface charge, hydrophilicity, protein adsorption and cell attachment
  • Manufacturing a nanometre scale surface topography with varying surface chemistry to assess the combined effect on cell behaviour
  • Electrical properties of biogenic material: bilirubin rich gallstone
  • Diamond film deposition on M2 steel using TiN interlayers

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