16 January 2008

Newly announced journal: International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences

International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences - to begin publication in 2009 - will provide an international forum for practitioners and researchers, both for-profit and nonprofit organisations, along with information technology professionals, software developers, and vendors, to exchange, share and present useful and innovative ideas and work relating to decision making. It will emphasise the presentation and distribution of ground-breaking and original theories and concepts which can shape future directions of research. These, when applied, can enable policy makers, government officials, business managers, and different decision makers to spread over various advanced techniques and new applications of information technology. It also supports discussions on how information systems can promote decision making, and also in turn, how the advances brought about by these decision making practices can affect the growth in, and future application of, information technology. All models (normative, descriptive, cognitive, and prescriptive) are encouraged.

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