18 January 2008

Special issue: Learning and interacting in the Web: social networks and social software in the Web 2.0

International Journal of Knowledge and Learning 3(4/5) 2007
  • Towards a dynamic theory of virtual communities
  • The future of e-learning: a shift to knowledge networking and social software
  • Semantics-supported cooperative learning for enhanced awareness
  • Weblogs and internal communication in a corporate environment: a case from the ICT industry
  • Analysing interaction behaviour in network supported collaborative learning environments: a holistic approach
  • Social network analysis of self-taught e-learning communities
  • Using chat as a complement to discussion board in small-group online seminars: How is student participation affected?
  • Sociality and learning in social software
  • From folksonomies to ontologies: employing wisdom of the crowds to serve learning purposes
  • Trialogical learning in public: FlashMeeting recording and reuse in a peer-learning context
  • Red Gate Corner: a Web 2.0 prototype for knowledge and learning concerning China business and culture

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