7 January 2008

Special issue: Environmental management in the Latin American and Caribbean Region

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 31(3/4) 2007
  • Effect of non-point source runoff and urban sewage on Yaque del Norte River in Dominican Republic
  • Environmental infrastructure and socio-economic indicators in San Pedro Sula, Honduras
  • Human health risk assessment of lead in drinking water: a case study from Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • Lead, copper, cobalt and nickel removal from water solutions by dynamic ionic exchange in LECA zeolite beds
  • Innovative fracture-resistant construction material from C&D waste aggregate, fly ash and recycled plastics
  • Improvements on a system for soil erosion control of slopes using scrap tyres
  • Raising awareness on materials recycling using undergraduate engineering research
  • Understanding environmental pollution concepts: a case study using school students in Argentina and Puerto Rico
  • Environmental awareness through integration of research and education: a case study from two elementary public schools in Puerto Rico
  • Investigation of a direct melting dehydrated sewage sludge pilot plant
  • Assessment of material deterioration in Bulgaria owing to air pollution
  • Agricultural runoff contaminant discharge in Dianchi Valley agricultural district, China
  • Searching for a sustainable arsenic mitigation strategy in Bangladesh: experience from two upazilas
  • Evaluation of street sweeping and washing to reduce ambient PM10

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