27 January 2008

First issue: International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development

The first issue of International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development has just been published.

The journal covers the regional dimensions of innovation and development. Due to the acceleration of technological development and adoption, and greater market competition, innovation is a prerequisite for enterprises to survive. Such innovation could be in the shape of new product development, new system adoption, web-based collaboration, e-learning, and so on. The span of innovation activity spreads not only in the manufacturing sector, but to the service sector as well.

Innovation takes place at the local, regional and international context, and often occurs under the spell of an entrepreneurial spirit and within small firms. Furthermore, joint venture for innovation does happen between firms. Joint partnerships for innovation at various levels create the need to investigate innovation in its regional context as well as understand its impact on the economy. Regional synergies for innovation are a dynamic way to advance an entity’s research performance; these studies lead to the establishment of best practices .

There is a free download of the papers from this issue

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