12 January 2008

Special issue: Safety of VVERs

International Journal of Nuclear Energy Science and Technology 3(3) 2007
  • Neutron fluence attenuation through VVERs and mock-ups of reactor pressure vessels
  • Leak tightness testing system for nuclear fuel assemblies in wet conditions of interim spent fuel storage
  • Evaluation of fuel rod cladding failure during a loss-of-coolant accident
  • Experimental facilities for VVER thermal hydraulic research and code validation (COVERS)
  • Application of Mossbauer and positron annihilation spectroscopies for monitoring of WWER RPV steel degradation
  • Burn-up credit methodology validation in Bulgaria
  • Experimental investigation of the late phase of spent fuel pool accidents
  • Safety analysis of a VVER-440 spent fuel storage pool
  • Dynamic behaviour of fuel cost component in total electricity cost of nuclear power plants with WWER-type power units

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