23 January 2008

Special issue: Microfabrication

International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management 13(2/3/4) 2008
  • Study on normal grinding force in ultrasonic aided grinding of sintered Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet
  • Micromachining of bipolar plates used in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
  • Analytical prediction of stability lobes in high-speed milling and their application to micromilling
  • Soft-pad grinding of 300 mm wire-sawn silicon wafers: finite element analysis with designed experiments
  • Fabrication and characterisation of nitrogen-doped diamond microtools
  • Analysis of heat affected zone in the micro-electric discharge machining
  • Experimental investigation into electrochemical discharge microdrilling on advanced ceramics
  • Study of WEDM parameter phenomena for microfabrication
  • Microgroove pattern machined by excimer laser dragging
  • Analysis of edge effects on flexible forming of sheet metal using plasma arc
  • Influence of process parameters on joining strength in microplasma arc welding
  • Determination of thermal stress distribution in metallic layer during selective laser sintering using finite element method
  • Bulk micromachining for SOI based microsystems using double side XeF2 etching
  • Parametric analysis of magnetorheological abrasive flow finishing process
  • Principle and applications of MEMS: a review
  • Review of MEMS metrology solutions
  • Carbon as a MEMS material: micro and nanofabrication of pyrolysed photoresist carbon

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