6 January 2008

Call for papers: Computers and Information Technology in Manufacturing

Call for papers: Computers and Information Technology in Manufacturing

A special issue of International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology

As the demands for computer technologies to support the globalised manufacturing industry rapidly increase, the research in these areas, especially for integrated information technology targeting various manufacturing issues, has expanded. The development of modern computer technology has ignited innovation in information technology to achieve greater manufacturing integration and automation.

The goal of this special issue is to publish new ideas and the most recent developments in computer information technology for manufacturing. Selected papers from the International Conference on Product Design and Manufacturing Systems, 2007 (PDMS2007) will be published. One of the main focuses of the conference is to provide the opportunity for scholars from all over the world to discuss their recent research advances in the area of computer information technology in manufacturing. However, the special issue is not limited to papers selected from the conference. It will accept submitted general papers on the topic, through the same general peer review processes.

The scope of the issue covers, but is not limited to:
  • Enterprise information management (EIM)
  • Product life-cycle management (PLM)
  • Computer-aided product development (CAD/CAE/CAPP/CAM/PDM)
  • Internet-aided design, manufacturing and commerce
  • Virtual environments and systems
  • Signal processing
  • Diagnostics and monitoring
  • Intelligent algorithms/techniques
Important Dates
Deadline for submission of manuscripts: 29 February 2008
Communication of peer reviews to authors: 31 May 2008
Deadline for revised manuscripts: 30 June 2008

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