1 January 2008

Special issue: Advances in autonomous vehicle technologies for urban environment

International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems 6(1/2) 2008
  • Towards urban driverless vehicles
  • Learning to drive the human way: a step towards intelligent vehicles
  • Efficient GPU-based construction of occupancy grids using several laser range-finders
  • Autonomous navigation in urban areas using GIS-managed information
  • A high-fidelity co-simulation platform for motion and control research for vehicle platooning
  • Dynamic models and parameter identification of a heavy-duty autonomous vehicle
  • Vehicle recognition and tracking using a generic multisensor and multialgorithm fusion approach
  • An efficient formulation of the Bayesian occupation filter for target tracking in dynamic environments
  • Simultaneously firing sonar ring based high-speed navigation for non-holonomic mobile robots in unstructured environment
  • Position estimation for intelligent vehicles using an unscented Kalman filter

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