3 January 2008

Call for papers: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development in Developing Countries

Call for papers: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development in Developing Countries

A special issue of International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development

Developing countries do not have the competitive advantage in the marketplace with their cheap products/services and cheap labour force. They cannot compete with mass production from China, India and other faster-developing countries. Although the competition comes from the other side of the world, they offer to the European and USA market goods and services below the local production costs. The customer-sensitive market needs quality, customised products, years of service and support, innovative products. Therefore, new pillars have to be adopted by developing countries in order to establish their products and to gain recognition on a global scale and, even, to survive the pressure from globalisation.

These pillars are:
  • Entrepreneurship as a process of identifying opportunities and putting useful ideas into practice
  • Innovation as a driver of national, regional and global economy
  • Regional development and the possibilities and barriers for closer cooperation between developing economies.
The aim of this issue is to address the importance of policy making and awareness raising in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation and regional development, concerning developing countries, especially those in South East Europe.

Papers should address research questions in the field, including but not limited to the following topics:
  • Governmental and regional policies on entrepreneurship, innovation and R&D
  • Clustering and networking
  • Entrepreneurship education
  • Family businesses and entrepreneurship
  • University-industry collaboration
  • Innovation policy in small and medium enterprises
  • ICT and Regional competitiveness
  • Knowledge management and technology transfer
  • Regional innovation strategies
  • Regional competitiveness and development
  • Business process modelling
  • The benefit of knowledge zone, business centres and incubators in the region
  • Business incubation
  • Best practices in the region, esp. Macedonia (start-up companies)
  • Financing innovation, R&D, SMEs
Important Dates
Manuscript Due: 8 May 2008
Acceptance notification: 23 June 2008
Final manuscript due: 17 September 2008


Tom Christoffel said...

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Anonymous said...

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