15 January 2008

Newly announced journal: International Journal of Quality and Innovation

International Journal of Quality and Innovation - to begin publication in 2009 - will serve as a platform to encourage the creation of knowledge and the exchange of information on the issues of quality and innovation that businesses face, with a particular interest in how quality and innovation may be integrated into a coherent and powerful strategic package, and the dilemmas and tensions faced in pursuing quality and innovation concurrently.

Issues of quality and innovation involve complex and intricate challenges for leadership and management, such as organisational change, culture, processes and technologies. Moreover, the challenges faced may differ from industry to industry and from country to country. Therefore, the challenges will have to take into account the specific nature of the industry in question, the professional and customer profile, the historical background of the country or region, local habits and practices, ethics and even religious beliefs. The journal will reflect this complexity.

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