8 January 2008

Special issue: Problems exhibiting boundary and interior layers

International Journal of Computing Science and Mathematics 1(2/3/4) 2007

Papers are based on the research results presented at the Boundary and Interior Layers (BAIL) 2006 conference, held in Göttingen in July 2006.
  • Turbulent boundary layers: reality and myth
  • Near-wall grid adaptation for turbulent flows
  • On the implementation of the κ-ε turbulence model in incompressible flow solvers based on a finite element discretisation
  • Error estimation and adjoint based refinement for an adjoint consistent DG discretisation of the compressible Euler equations
  • Discontinuous Galerkin methods on hp-anisotropic meshes I: a priori error analysis
  • On the performance of SOLD methods for convection–diffusion problems with interior layers
  • Layer-adapted meshes and FEM for time-dependent singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion problems
  • Almost optimal order approximate inverse based preconditioners for 3-d convection dominated problems on tensor-grids
  • JMass conservation of finite element methods for coupled flow-transport problems
  • Global Interactive Boundary Layer (GIBL) for a channel
  • A numerical method for a singular perturbation problem arising in the modelling of plasma sheaths
  • On turbulent marginal boundary layer separation: how the half-power law supersedes the logarithmic law of the wall
  • Boundary and interior layers in turbulent thermal convection in cylindrical containers
  • A posteriori adaptive mesh technique with a priori error estimates for singularly perturbed semilinear parabolic convection-diffusion equations
  • Convection-diffusion-reaction problems, SDFEM/SUPG and a priori meshes
  • DNS of thin shear instability by ninth-order multioperators-based schemes
  • Variational Multiscale Methods for incompressible flows
  • A characteristic method for porous medium flow

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