15 October 2007

Special issue: Reconfigurable and scalable high performance architectures

International Journal of High Performance Systems Architecture 1(2) 2007 is a special issue: Reconfigurable and scalable high performance architectures, comprising papers presented at the 4th International Conference on Information Technology : New Generations (ITNG 2007) held on 2-4 April 2007 in Las Vegas, USA.

Article titles:
* A flexible processor for the characteristic 3 ╬ĚT pairing
* Reconfiguration support for vector operations
* Design of a router for network-on-chip
* Efficient finite field processor for GF(2163) and its implementation
* An efficient fault tolerant mechanism to deal with permanent and transient failures in a network on chip
* Compact FPGA-based systolic array architecture suitable for vision systems
* SPA resistant elliptic curve cryptosystem using addition chains

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