11 October 2007

First issue: International Journal of Precision Technology

The first issue of International Journal of Precision Technology has just been published. The journal promotes technological advances in precision engineering that are not accompanied by science and mathematics. The wheel is a technological example that was invented in 4000 BC in Mesopotamia (now present day Iraq). The wheel in the Formula One car today is an engineering example backed by science and mathematics. Technological findings do not have to date to Palaeolithic times, since we have them even today in examples such as ductile mode machining, which is technology rather than engineering since reasons for its occurrence backed by science and mathematics are yet to be established. Mathematics is an exact science; precision technology is not, but precision engineering ought to be. Developments in precision technology can lead to inventions and innovations and the journal encourages such work.

There is a free download of the papers from this first issue.

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