8 October 2007

Call for papers: Sustaining Growth in Developing Countries through Energy Efficiency

Call for papers: Sustaining Growth in Developing Countries through Energy Efficiency

A special issue of International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy

It is projected that the population and economic expansion experienced by the developing nations will constitute the majority of world energy growth. With the fact that existing sources of energy will be depleted in the near future, there is a need to find alternative sources of energy. Although there are other sources of energy available, such as renewable and nuclear, there are numerous problems associated with those technologies ranging from environmental issues to technical and safety issues.

Implementation of energy efficiency programmes and technologies not only reduce the energy growth rate but also contribute towards the mitigation of environmental pollution. If such programmes are implemented successfully, the developing nations’ growth will be sustained with minimum impact on the environment and on monetary resources. The challenge is to understand the salient features and energy consumption patterns of individual nations, and to draw a suitable road map that will lead to efficient utilisation of energy.

The objective of this special issue is to provide a means for the publication and interchange of information, on an international basis, on energy efficiency technologies and programmes applied to developing countries.

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:
  • Energy efficient technologies
  • Energy efficient operation and maintenance strategies (O&M)
  • Efficient lighting applications
  • Efficient HVAC applications
  • Codes and standards for energy efficiency and conservation
  • Energy efficient programs
  • Energy systems design and analysis tools
  • Energy efficient power transmission and distribution
  • Energy storage
Important Dates
Full paper and proposal submission: 31 January 2008
Notification of initial acceptance: 31 March 2008
Revised manuscript submission: 31 May 2008
Notification of acceptance: 31 July 2008
Final paper: 31 August 2008

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