29 October 2007

Call for papers: Delivering Electronic Government

Call for papers: Delivering Electronic Government

A special issue of International Journal of Electronic Governance

E-government is enabling governments to service and facilitate the citizen in ways that one could not have imagined in the past. It is also helping to usher in a process of reform in the working of local and central governments, so that governments are more aligned to the aspirations of citizens and also those of government staff. The scope of applying e-government is really vast and the future holds abundant promise. The extent to which the promise of e-government is realised depends on the efficacy of e-government delivery.

However, delivering e-government remains a challenging task. Problems in delivering e-government services are mostly organisational and political rather than technical. Therefore, if e-government initiatives are to prove successful, then the challenges involved in dealing with the mindset, culture and politics of public organisations cannot be ignored.

The focus of this special issue is the effective delivery of e-government and its impact. Authors are therefore requested to contribute research articles and success stories of e-government across the globe, which will enable exchange as well as advancement of research and practice in the area. Specifically, original unpublished research papers, case studies and experience reports are sought; these should cover the various sub-disciplines pertinent to the delivery of e-government at local and central government level.

1. Delivering e-government

Contributions are sought on a set of themes that include, but are not exclusively limited to, the following topics:
  • Cultural, social and political issues of delivering e-government
  • Organisational and legal issues of delivering e-government
  • Technical aspects of delivering e-government
  • Methodologies for delivering e-government
  • Government process re-engineering
  • Outsourcing in government
  • Public-Private-People Partnership
  • Government service delivery in rural areas
2. Delivering e-government cases with considerable impact

For each case, the following information should be provided:
  • Description of case
  • Problem addressed and solution achieved
  • Policy context and strategy
  • Delivering e-government methodology
  • Evaluation of effectiveness and impact assessment
  • Results and lessons learned
Important Dates
Deadline for paper submission: 31 December, 2007
Notification of acceptance/rejection: 31 January, 2008
Final (camera-ready) papers submission: 28 February, 2008

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