3 October 2007

Call for papers: Sustainable Development and Environmental Education

Call for papers: Sustainable Development and Environmental Education

A special issue of International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development

All disciplines and all segments of society need to work together, proactively, in seeking long-term solutions to environmental problems. The recent establishment of an International Center for Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development is one example of this new approach. An increasing number of companies currently act and communicate based on their triple performance (i.e. economic, environmental and social).

As educators and scientists we can follow this example by keeping in mind the bigger picture when it comes doing our research and educating our young people. Education plays a major role in achieving changes in attitudes that contribute to environmental awareness in society. The average person is usually somewhat informed about environmental problems. However, not many fully understand the basis of these problems or how to deal with them. One example of rising public awareness is the increasing use of recycled materials, particularly in road systems, paper making and plastics manufacturing. Environmental education is especially critical for young people who will be future decision makers. Papers are sought on all aspects of sustainable development and environmental education.

Original research paper or reviews are invited in the following and related areas:
  • Sustainable development
  • Environmental education
  • Recycling
  • Company performance indicators
  • Waste water treatment and sanitation
  • Pollution prevention and waste minimization
  • Case studies
  • Environmental management models
  • Physico-chemical treatment processes
  • Treatment and disposal of solid and hazardous waste
  • Water reuse and recycling of industrial waste
Important Dates
Deadline for paper submission: 31 January 2008
First turn of papers review: 31 March 2008
Second turn of papers review: 31 May 2008
Final papers submission: 31 July 2008

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