1 October 2007

Call for papers: Learning, Learning Organisations and the Global Enterprise

Call for papers: Learning, Learning Organisations and the Global Enterprise

A special issue of International Journal of Learning and Change

Learning, both at individual and collective levels in an organisation - so-called organisational learning - has become a subject of intense research. A variety of fields such as individual psychology, organisation behaviour, strategy and international management have addressed themselves to the issue of how people learn, how this learning is dependent on the culture they are embedded in, how learning at an individual level is translated into learning at an organisational level. The issue also examines whether there are intrinsic patterns among individuals and organisations engaged in learning at different times and different circumstances. These issues are important to managers of both single country and multinational enterprises.

The purpose of this special issue is to explore the effectiveness of individual learning, examine the cultural assumptions behind learning theories, provide empirical evidence from different cultures, establish linkages between individual and organisational learning, identify the role of organisational management to facilitate and enhance the effectiveness of learning, and implications for multinational enterprises. The issue welcomes both conceptual and empirical papers addressing to the above issues, and other issues that may have a bearing on the central issues.

We are interested in papers covering learning in the following areas, with a special emphasis on how learning is related to enhancement of organisational capabilities and change. Some areas of focus include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Review of learning theories
  • How does individual learning translate into organisational learning?
  • Cultural assumptions of learning theories
  • How can organisations facilitate individual learning to facilitate more focused organisational learning?
  • Empirical studies on linkages of learning to cultures
  • Evidence and implications of differences on organisational learning in managing MNCs
  • Underlying assumptions of learning theories on individual and collective psychology
  • Effect of a multi cultural context on organisational learning
  • What do we know about organisational learning?
  • Practical use of understanding of cultural dependence of learning theories
  • Is there such a thing as organisational learning?
  • New approaches to research design or qualitative analysis
Important Dates
Full paper due: 31 March 2008
Notification of acceptance: 31 May 2008
Final version of paper due: 31 August 2008

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