29 October 2007

Newly announced journal: International Journal of Society Systems Science

Society faces many significant challenges nowadays: pollution, poverty, pain, terrorism, crime, greenhouse effect, war, disease, starvation, road accidents, inflation/deflation, unemployment, pornography, great suffering, ignorance, pesticide poisoning, and falsehood, to just name a few. It could be argued that scientists have spent too much time on many not-so-urgent issues and put too little effort into these challenges at the present time. Some researchers have veered from the mainstream of our society.

International Journal of Society Systems Science - to begin publication in 2008 - will eliminate the barriers between
  • social and natural sciences
  • theory and applications
  • hard decision models and soft ones
  • different disciplines in the business world
  • government and industry
  • the ivory tower and real society
It will call for attention to the interdisciplinary principles, architectures, techniques, methodologies, models, as well as the appropriate strategies, that can solve the various society-related dilemmas.

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