18 October 2007

Special issue : International Nuclear Atlantic Conference (INAC 2005)

International Journal of Low Radiation 4(2) 2007 is a special issue with papers from the International Nuclear Atlantic Conference (INAC 2005) held in Santos, Brazil, from 28 August to 2 September, 2005.

Article titles:
* Calibration and characterisation of extremity dosimeters
* Development and production of holders for extremity detectors
* The exposure buildup factor formulation in a slab and rectangle geometry by the LTSN method
* Study of the use of thermoluminescent materials in mixed fields
* The development of an anthropomorphic and anthropometric thorax female phantom for experimental radiodosimentry
* An update of the probabilistic safety assessment of the Radiation Monitor Calibration Laboratory of a Brazilian nuclear power station
* Effects of gamma irradiation on PMMA/polyaniline nanofibre composites
* Genotoxic evaluation of [DOTA, Tyr³]octreotate labelled with 131I and 177Lu in human peripheral lymphocytes in vitro by micronucleus assay

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