1 October 2007

Special issue: Advanced surface finishing technologies for engineered components

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 27(2/3/4) 2007 is a special issue: Advanced surface finishing technologies for engineered components, with papers selected from the submissions to the International Conference on Surface Finishing Technology and Surface Engineering (ICSFT2006) held in Dalian, China, 24 to 27 September 2006.

Article titles:
* Effective removal of burrs by magnetic abrasive finishing using face electromagnetic inductor
* Rounding process of workpiece in through-feed centreless grinding with large grinding allowance
* Investigations of silicon wafer grinding using finite element analysis
* Characterisation of dynamic properties of coating-substrate system by molecular dynamics simulation
* Influence of micro-patterned laser surface texturing on the tribological performance
* Modelling and analysis of contact force for robotic deburring process
* Influence of rare-earth La2O3 on the properties of laser cladding on 316L stainless steel coatings
* Optimum design and grinding performance of ultrasonic hone-lapping tool with fixed abrasive material
* Identification and measurement of superabrasive shapes
* Study on the finishing mechanism of fluid magnetic abrasive
* Surface finishing of new type RS-SiC ceramics
* Research on aspheric machining system error compensation and experiment eliminate the error wave area
* Research on the properties of ultraviolet-curing resin lapping plate
* Motion simulation of annular polishing
* Study on surface finish mechanism in quick-point grinding
* Technique and theoretical analysis for the finishing of large discal parts
* Preparation and performance study of TiN films deposited by MF unbalanced magnetron sputtering technique
* Investigation of the material removal model for bonnet tool polishing with precession
* An experimental study on mirror-form grinding of free-form surface by the use of coarse diamond grinding wheel
* The development of a wire saw for wafer slicing of single-crystal silicon
* A study of the inverse dynamics of a hybrid polishing kinematical machine tool based on the flexible multi-body systems
* Development of a global–local geometric planning approach to automated part finishing processes
* Study on application of squeeze oil film technology in deep hole surface finishing
* Numerical simulation of compulsive swirling flows field on two-phase swirling flows finishing
* The surface quality of monocrystalline silicon cutting using fixed abrasive diamond endless wire saw
* A novel ballonet polishing tool and its robot control system for polishing the curved surface of mould
* A new ultrasonic vibration machine for honing
* Fabrication and characterisation of ultra fine-grained diamond coatings on the interior hole surface
* A study on the effect of powder on surface quality in EDM finishing
* Evaluation of surface roughness for ELID ground brittle materials
* Study on the topography of the surfaces machined by micro-EDM
* Formation and control of burrs in precision machining
* State control of passivating films in electrolytic in-process dressing precision grinding for silicon nitride
* Simulation of a ceramic ball lapping process under dual rotating plates lapping mode
* Research on machining mechanics and experiment of ultrasonic-magnetorheological compound finishing
* Research on hydrodynamic suspension nanoscale polishing for K9 optical glass
* Auto-correlation study on the surface profile finished by abrasive jet with grinding wheel as restraint

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