17 October 2007

Call for papers: Global Entrepreneurship

Call for papers: Global Entrepreneurship

A special issue of International Journal of Business and Globalisation

"Global entrepreneurship" has emerged as the business buzzword of the 1990s and has captured the attention of practitioners and academicians in the world's emerging and developed economic regions in the 21st millennium. Global entrepreneurship is to a large extent influenced by the interdependence between competition and cooperation. In other words, nations and companies have recognised that, to develop a sustainable competitive advantage, it is important to harness the synergies between competitors and collaborators and to foster an environment for mutual interdependence. As a result, the 21st millennium has witnessed increased activity in global entrepreneurship among firms. No other strategy has proved as effective as global entrepreneurship to lift millions of people above poverty levels. While there are several examples of leading MNCs such as S-LCD (Sony and Samsung's LCD joint venture) and SNECMA (France's state-owned GE and Pratt & Whitney’s aircraft engine joint venture) that demonstrate the role of global entrepreneurship, there are also many examples of small companies, especially in the area of micro financing, that exemplify global entrepreneurship.

This special issue is intended to encompass both theoretical and practical methodologies and topics in the area of global entrepreneurship. Also, the theme of this issue has major implications for public policy makers in the emerging and developed nations of the world.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Global entrepreneurship
  • Global offshoring/outsourcing
  • Global knowledge management
  • Micro financing
  • Bottom of the pyramid marketing and social entrepreneurship
  • Global corporate venturing
  • Transaction cost economics
  • Entrepreneurial economics
Important Dates
Paper submission by prospective authors: 15 August, 2008
Communication of results of peer review to authors: 15 October, 2008
Final manuscript submission: 15 December, 2008

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