26 April 2017

Special issue published: "Entrepreneurship in The Digital Age: A New Way of Venturing"

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 31(1) 2017.
  • Entrepreneurship and universities
  • What determines the growth expectations of early-stage entrepreneurs? Evidence from crowdfunding 
  • Makers, hackers, DIY-innovation, and the strive for entrepreneurial opportunities 
  • Exploring the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the field of entrepreneurial support: a multi-level approach 
  • Understanding the evolution of coopetition among SMEs in a wine cluster: a social capital approach   
Additional papers
  • Sustainable-entrepreneurs: quantifying opportunities and social networks, case study on sustainable entrepreneurs in a heavy industrial area 
  • David by Goliath: what is co-branding and what is in it for SMEs 
  • The high-growth expectation of early-stage entrepreneurs: an international approach to the role of gendered contexts 
  • Islamic enterprises: balancing market opportunities and religious constraints in Islamic sub-economies in the West

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