30 April 2017

Special issue published: " Business and Market Development in Fast-Growing Economies"

International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies 10(1) 2017
  • Comparative analysis of metacognitive strategies used in the internet-integrated test to enhance English speaking ability in Thai tourism context
  • Researchers' viewpoints towards commercialisation of agricultural technology for community development 
  • Value creation logic in buyer-seller relationships in garment industry in Thailand 
  • Behavioural model of buying intention of counterfeited products 
  • Increasing values of hotel business using boutique and lifestyle hotel concept 
  • Small firm growth in post-conflict Sri Lanka: micro-level evidence from two cities 
  • Industry openness, firm characteristics, and wage inequality: evidence from Chinese manufacturing firms 
  • Economic regulation by judiciary during the Ottoman Era: samples from Istanbul courts between 17th And 18th centuries 
  • Competency-based compensation system: as a strategic HR technique with special reference to Coimbatore

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