4 April 2017

Special issue published: "Current Progress of Nano-Scaled Science and Technology in Russia"

International Journal of Nanotechnology 14(7/8) 2017
  • Computer simulation of attosecond nanotechnologies based on quantum NEMS in materials
  • Filamentary model of bipolar resistive switching in capacitor-like memristive nanostructures on the basis of yttria-stabilised zirconia
  • Properties of metal oxide nanoparticles prepared by plasma discharge in water with ultrasonic cavitation
  • Synthesising nanostructural wear-resistant coatings on martensite steel by welding methods
  • Composition and luminescence of Si and SiO2 layers co-implanted with Ga and N ions
  • Magnetically sensitive nanoparticles for magnetically controlled thermochemotherapy
  • Influence of size and surface on magnetism of magnetite and maghemite nanoparticles
  • Fine-grained fibre concretes modified by complexed nanoadditives
  • Nanotechnology-oriented system of natural science education in secondary schools
  • Distinctions of a learning content for education in the field of nanotechnology
  • Neuromorphic coprocessor prototype based on mixed metal oxide memristors

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