10 April 2017

Special issue published: "Emergence of Large-Scale Ubiquitous Contexts Analysis"

Int. J. Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing 25 (1/2) 2017
  • Spatial query processing for skewed access patterns in non-uniform wireless data broadcast environments 
  • Local fitness landscape from paired comparison-based memetic search in interactive differential evolution and differential evolution 
  • Social computing for internet addiction disorder analysis from a psychological perspective 
  • Crowdsourcing-based timeline description of urban emergency events using social media 
  • A rapid mining model for extracting sparse distribution association semantic link from large-scale web resources 
  • Energy efficient data gathering for WSN-based context-aware applications 
  • Development of an MCNP assisted modelling software based on OpenCasCade 
  • Design of a hybrid model for dynamic engagement behaviour analysis in a cloud-based environment 
  • Optimal deployment and traffic flows in mobile mesh network after a disaster

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