29 April 2017

Special issue published: "Technologies for the Progress of Environment and Sustainability"

Progress in Industrial Ecology, An International Journal 10(4) 2016
  • Heating residential water using parabolic trough concentrators: theoretical calculations and analysis
  • Strategies for energy retrofitting of historic urban districts 
  • Water pollution evaluation of Oued Boudjemaa (Algeria) 
  • PCDD/Fs environmental impact from an anaerobic digestion treatment 
  • Air micro-pollutants analysed through rough set approach 
  • Inhibition and mechanism of Terminalia catappa on mild-steel corrosion in sulphuric-acid environment 
  • Bio-characterisation of Solanum aethiopicum leaf: prospect on steel-rebar total-corrosion in chloride-contaminated-environment 
  • Forest certification standards as a tool for environmental sustainability in wood building sector

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