3 April 2017

Free sample articles newly available from International Journal of Global Environmental Issues

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Global Environmental Issues are now available here for free:
  • History of an irrigation canal: the 'Real Canal de la Infanta', Barcelona, Spain
  • Multi-criteria analysis of sustainable environmental clean technologies for the treatment of winery's wastewater
  • Analysis of pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables using analytical protocol based on application of the QuEChERS technique and GC-ECD system
  • Indicators of efficient urban water management
  • Manganese in drinking water and human health. A case study from Greece
  • The supply and quality of urban water in arid island environments: a case study from the prefecture of Larnaka, Cyprus
  • Vulnerabilities of water and sanitation at households and community levels in face of climate variability and change: trends from historical climate time series in a West African medium-sized town
  • Variability analysis of hydrometeorological parameters under a climate change scenario in Northern Greece
  • Milestones of the diachronic evolution of meteorology
  • Water reservoirs complex of 19th century in Patras, Greece
  • The Ottoman balnear buildings of Crete, issues regarding their construction, water supply and present situation
  • Simulation of currents in the coastal and offshore zone of the Old and New Patras Port (Western Greece)

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