3 April 2017

Special issue published: "Research Innovations in Mechanical Engineering"

International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology 9(2) 2017
  • Optimisation and formability study of AA5052 through incremental sheet forming
  • Hybrid optimisation model for blind spot reduction in heavy vehicles
  • Testing and performance analysis of micro encapsulated rice bran distilled fatty acid
  • Assignment of machines in cell layout using modified artificial bee colony algorithm
  • Performance of consistent through-thickness electric potential distribution for Euler-Bernoulli piezoelectric beam finite elements
  • Ant-based job shop scheduling with genetic algorithm for makespan minimisation on identical machines
  • Scheduling problem solving using genetic and greedy algorithms
  • Optimisation of cutting parameters in CNC turning of EN-19 using tungsten carbide
  • Optimisation of swept angles for airfoil NACA 6-series
  • Mechanical testing of epoxy bonded eco friendly natural fibre composite material
  • Mechanical behaviour and analysis of advanced polymer-based Kevlar-49 composite material
  • Effect of starch treatment and hybridisation on the mechanical properties of natural fibre composites

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