10 April 2017

Special issue published: "Promote and Support Eco-Innovation"

International Journal of Sustainable Development 20(1/2) 2017
  • Consumers' willingness to pay for sustainable and innovative products: a choice experiment with upgradeable products 
  • Enhancing sustainable mobility through a multimodal platform: would travellers pay for it?   
  • Electric mobility analysis: contributions from sociology
  • Do non-technological innovations and CSR matter for environmental innovation? An empirical analysis of a sample of innovators 
  • Drivers of environmental trajectories: a case study of Poitou-Charentes companies 
  • On 'green governance' 
  • Implementing integrated community sustainability planning: a comparative case study of three mid-sized municipalities in Ontario, Canada 
  • Re-imagining the future for desert Australia: designing an integrated pathway for enhancing liveability 
  • Green grabbing debate and Madagascar: did we learn anything?

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