11 February 2017

Special issue published: "Youth Involvement in Entrepreneurship in the Developing World"

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 30(3) 2017
  • Youth entrepreneurship dynamics in the Caribbean region: 2011-2013
  • Entrepreneurial intentions among youth in MENA countries: effects of gender, education, occupation and income
  • The role of autonomy as a predictor of entrepreneurial intention among university students in Yemen
  • Young people's emotional intelligence promoting entrepreneurial orientation: enhanced by education
  • Young employees' job-autonomy promoting intention to become entrepreneur: embedded in gender and traditional versus modern culture
  • Immigrant and indigenous youth in Europe: entrepreneurial intention building on human, financial and social capital
  • Young entrepreneurs pushed by necessity and pulled by opportunity: institutional embeddedness in economy and culture
  • Motivation, competences and the moderating role of business discontinuance on the entrepreneurial effect of self-employment
  • Gender dynamics in the choice of place of trade among young entrepreneurs in Ghana
  • Start-up financing and expectations for growth: young and older entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa 
  • Job growth expectations among young entrepreneurs in Caribbean small-island states

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