13 February 2017

Special issue published: "Supply Network Evolution in Emerging Industries"

International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management 31(1/2/3) 2017
  • Understanding stages of supply network emergence in technology commercialisation
  • A framework for aligning the supply chain throughout a radical product innovation life cycle
  • Dynamic capabilities: taking an emerging technology perspective
  • Mapping industrial systems - a supply network perspective on enabling technologies, processes and actors
  • Industrial system dynamics for environmental sustainability: a case study on the UK medical technology sector
  • Configuration of supply chains in emerging industries: a multiple-case study in the wave-and-tidal energy industry
  • Recorded music supply network reconfiguration: the dual effect of digital technology
  • The evolution and transformation of industrial clusters: a conceptual model
  • Collaborative networks as incubators of dynamic virtual organisations: a case study of the emerging MAP sector
  • An extended framework for supply chain risk management: incorporating the complexities of emerging industries and large-scale systems
  • Mitigating risk in global supplies to the maritime industry

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