6 February 2017

Special issue published: "Tourism and the Place of Memory"

International Journal of Tourism Anthropology 5(3/4) 2016
  • Intersecting journeys of past and present in the 'bush': unsettling coevalness in the tourist space of indigenous Australia
  • Colonial memory, hospitality and tourism in southwestern Madagascar
  • In search of the exile past: pilgrims and visitors to the island of Ikaria and their bearing on the historical past
  • The 'embodiments' of Stalin in the tourism landscape of Moscow
  • A means to an end: Israeli-run heritage sites in the West Bank of Palestine
  • Shedding light on a dark past: representations of slavery at UK heritage tourism sites 
Research note
  • Guided tour 'The legacy of slavery in Barcelona'. Public history as reparation
Additional paper
  • High as a kite: exploring the positive emotion of interest through extreme sporting in the arctic

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