28 February 2017

Special issue published: "Automation, Systems Modelling and Control"

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 27(1) 2017

Extended versions of papers presented at the Second International Conference on Automation, Control, Engineering and Computer Science (ACECS-2015).
  • Anti-synchronisation of identical chaotic systems via novel sliding control and its application to a novel chaotic system
  • Trirotor mechatronic design and reduction of dynamic model inputs by aerodynamic forces identification
  • Observer design and active fault tolerant control for Takagi-Sugeno systems affected by sensors faults
  • Identification of GMS friction model using a new switching function: experimental investigation
  • Modelling and predictive control of an inverted pendulum system by MLD approach: multivariable case
  • Fuzzy monitoring of stator and rotor winding faults for DFIG used in wind energy conversion system
  • The dual three-phase open-end stator windings permanent magnet synchronous machine fed by four voltage source inverters
  • Nonlinear system monitoring using multiscaled principal components analysis based on neural network

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