5 February 2017

Special issue published: "OR and New Technologies in Management and Engineering" (includes free Open Access article)

International Journal of Decision Support Systems 2(1/2/3) 2016
  • Nash type games in competitive facilities location
  • Optimal trading strategy under linear-percentage temporary impact price dynamics with conditional value-at-risk as timing risk measure
  • Critical success factors in the TBL concept of sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Occupational health and safety within corporate social responsibility context: a balanced scorecard dynamic decision making model
  • Balancing setup workers' load of flexible job shop scheduling using hybrid genetic algorithm with tabu search strategy [FREE OPEN ACCESS ARTICLE]
  • Evaluating the performance of a merge supply network with supplier interruptions
  • Risk assessment of ship-to-ship transfer operations based on stochastic criteria evaluation and intervally scaled importance weights
  • Development and use of a model for the investigation of energy and emission aspects on the Athens-Thessaloniki rail intermodal freight transport
  • Resource levelling using genetic algorithms for a power plant boiler construction project
  • Implementation of parametric design philosophy into industrial production line simulation for c-Si PV modules
  • An efficient and refined minimum spanning tree approach for large water distribution system

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