16 February 2017

Special issue published: "Advanced Technologies for Wireless Personal Area Network (WPANs)"

International Journal of Information and Communication Technology 10(2) 2017
  • Optimisation of IEEE 802.15.4: overview, theoretical study and simulation
  • Energy efficient routing algorithm over cross layer design and enrichment of security in ZigBee network
  • An exploratory case study on cloud ERP implementation
  • Daily user-online load forecasting for social network site based on the DFT resampling interpolation with periodic extension
  • Controllability of singular linear systems by Legendre wavelets
  • De-noising effect evaluation of froth images of coal flotation using improved information capacity based on grey level co-occurrence matrix
  • Per-antenna signal to leakage noise ratio precoding for MU-MIMO-OFDM system with reduced feedback 
  • Providing an optimal QoS using demand-based distributed reservation protocol allocation algorithm for WiMedia medium access control

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