26 October 2016

Special issue published: "Reconfigurable Computing in Wireless Networks"

International Journal of Information and Communication Technology 9(4) 2016
  • Localised multi-root node mesh model for seamless handover in wireless personal networks
  • Mitigation of ionospheric scintillations for GPS signals under geomagnetic storm conditions using LMS adaptive filter
  • On the construction of localised topology structures in wireless networks
  • Priority-based quality of service guaranteed radio resource allocation in long term evolution network
  • Projective plane-based key pre-distribution by key copying and exchanging based on connected dominating set in distributed wireless sensor networks
  • Fountain codes based on modulo and neural network
  • Selfish node detection based on evidence by trust authority and selfish replica allocation in DANET
  • EEG-based motor imagery classification in BCI system by using unscented Kalman filter

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