3 October 2016

Special issue published: "Novel Architectures and Approaches for Resolving Service Discovery, Communication and Integration Issues in the Internet of Things"

International Journal of Internet Protocol Technology 9(2/3) 2016
  • A power management solution for Bluetooth low energy in smart homes of internet of things
  • Aspect-oriented middleware framework for resolving service discovery issues in Internet of Things
  • Vertical integration in industrial enterprises and distributed middleware
  • Linear discriminant analysis-based service discovery algorithm in MANET
  • BB-LBA: biogeography-based load balancing algorithm in multi cloud domain
  • Remote user authentication scheme using smart card: a review
  • Cooperative spectrum sensing based on side information for cognitive radio sensor networks in internet of things applications
  • A virtual backoff algorithm-based MAC protocol for underwater acoustic sensor networks
  • User localisation using wireless signal strength - an application for pattern classification using fuzzy decision tree
  • Fuzzy trust-based aggregator sensor node election in internet of things

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