14 October 2016

Special issue published: "Governance and Public Sector Reforms: Trends, Possibilities and Caveats"

International Journal of Public Policy 12(3/4/5/6) 2016

Extended versions of papers presented at the XXII Days of Slovenian Public Administration.
  • From rational to more rational standards of proof
  • Reforming public administration in Slovenia: between theory and practice of good governance and good administration
  • Conducting procedures in administrative matters in reasonable time - analysis of selected case law by the European Court of Human Rights versus Slovenia 
  • Post assessment of the Slovenian tax legislation within RIA as tool of the tax policy
  • Public cost and management accounting system implementation and performance: an integrative approach
  • The level of fiscal transparency and accountability of budget users - evidence from Macedonia
  • Efficiency of Italian universities: the effect of controllable and non-controllable environmental and operational variables
  • Social impact bonds: a new tool for governance of social programs - evidence from the UK, USA and Australia
  • Building innovative public institution 
  • Public policy, bureaucracy and prejudices: evidence of prevalence of biased attitudes among bureaucrats
  • Organisational learning through public-private partnerships: a human resource management perspective
  • Issues and challenges of public service procurement in China: a collaborative governance perspective
  • Good governance: a new perspective for institutional reform - a comparative view of water, education and health institutions in Egypt
  • Cyclicality of public investment in Africa

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