14 October 2016

Special issue published: "Creative Research for Education and Technology"

International Journal of Knowledge and Learning 11(2/3) 2016
  • Investigating the discourse of ICT-mediated instruction: creative research to the use and effectiveness of ICT tools in primary English
  • Development of STEAM education program on climate change for science club activities
  • Integrating a web-based platform to promote creativity and authenticity in language classrooms
  • Implications for smart learning in English education in South Korea by comparison of mobile device usage in 2008 and 2014
  • Effect of web-based science journal writing on the science-related affective domain of sixth grade students in Korea
  • A study on problem-solving writing instruction model with the use of big data
  • Integrating technology to facilitate critical reflection and creativity in pre-service teacher development
  • An innovative approach to official development assistance to ICT for education in Bangladesh
  • Critical review and creative suggestions for the native English speaking teacher policy in South Korea
  • Perspective taking encourages cleaning task performance: a child-robot interaction

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