8 October 2016

Special issue published: "Adaptive and Reconfigurable Service-Oriented and Component-Based Applications"

International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems 9(3/4) 2016

Extended versions of papers presented at the 22nd IEEE WETICE 2013 conference.
  • Self-healing in autonomic distributed systems based on delayed communication-induced checkpointing
  • Developing correct adapters for software architectural dynamic reconfiguration
  • From Event-B specifications to programs for distributed algorithms
  • An ontology driven privacy framework for collaborative working environments
  • A development process for the design, implementation and code generation of fault tolerant reconfigurable real time systems
  • Self-management of machine-to-machine communications: a multi-models approach
  • DMaaS: syntactic, structural and semantic mediation for service composition
  • Regular and lightweight mobility management in the HIP-based M2M overlay network

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